Property Details

Our Neighborhood

The Laurel Apartments are located in the up-and-coming Tobin Hill neighborhood. SAC students prefer the Laurel simply because of the location. No car required either, just walk to school. The Laurel is also popular and attractive with the downtown workforce.

In the neighborhood the Aurora Apartments is undergoing a $30,000,000 renovation.  Once vacant office buildings now have new tenants and vacant lots are being developed into housing.   Starbucks, Bill Miller’s BBQ, Luther’s, Subway, Luby’s and The Cove are all withing walking distance.  If you are part of the LGBTQ community, Main Street is the mecca for bars and restaurants serving that community.  Main Street is one block away and very walkable.  In fact, the Pride Parade kicks off at Crockett Park every year.

Our Amenities

The Laurel is clean, safe and a common sense place to call home.  All of our floorplans are the same and consist of one-bedroom units that are 500 square feet.  There are two laundry facilities and a pool to relax in or meet other residents.  Our number one amenity is price.  No other apartment community comes close to offering our prices.  Our other amenity is having nice friendly staff and maintenance personnel who know what they’re doing and tackle repairs quickly. This may not seem like and amenity but it is.  We’re accessible and we care.


Vacancies are limited. Secure your spot before it’s too late.

Visual History

“I’ve lived here for over 15 years and I have enjoyed every one”

Mary P